Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day from Glenna at Glenna's Garden!!! For me what makes Father's Day happy is talking on the phone with my oldest son who is now a Father to a two year old son and he is expecting another son next month. I used to read that first book to the son I am speaking of here in this blog, 30 years ago. I am not very close to my own Father in CA. I will call him of course. I always call my sister who raised two children on her own without their Father...she always seems to enjoy the special call, even though we talk just about everyday anyway. We are having really nice and hot temperatures up here at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH. My sales need to be hot too. I am stuck at 199 sales. I am offering the person who makes the 200th sale a really sweet extra surprise from Glenna's Garden so please check things out at the garden. Many new things have been listed and new things are ready to go  Did you know that you can click on my banner at the top of this blog and it takes you right to Glenna's Garden? I apologize I still have not taken pictures of my latest work. I really wanted to post it yesterday. I am still feeling sick, ear infection whooping my butt and requiring lots of extra rest. We are going to be having a great dinner tonight. We are having steak which has been marinating in the freezer. Did you know you can do that? Put steak in marinade for a day or two, then freeze when ready to use take it out and thaw it. Cook. It can make a cheap chuck steak very tender and delicious.

I chose this picture I took of my studio calendar because it is a lighthouse.
My Father likes lighthouses and so do I.