Saturday, November 6, 2010

SO SO Saturday

Today is a big shopping day for me. So that is why it is a so so day. Maybe something great and exciting will happen and I will find a fantastic bargain in craft supplies. I love to shop for bargains. Where do you shop for bargains? Online/in store? I do both. Then there are the groceries I need which are basically stock up items, canned goods, staples, condiments mostly this weekend. I am hoping it warms up a bit later on as it is only 39 at 7 AM this morning. I am not an very early neither really late shopper. I don't go for those 4 AM in store after holiday sprees. I am very conservative with what little money I receive. Every bit of it carefully calculated. I love to shop thrift stores and garage sales. What are your likes and dislikes about shopping? I love shopping Etsy the most. I find the best deals there! I can't hardly wait to reopen my etsy shop Glenna's Garden and hopefully soon. I am redoing the entire store and I will be offering all new products. Etsy has the best feature where you can sign up for email notification for when a shop reopens. If you want to know when I reopen and be the first to know about some fantastic deals I am offering please sign up.

Etsy has partnered with check out the latest for holiday decorating ideas!

Holiday cookies yum I love to bake cookies.

Do you bake cookies?

I sure do hope you have a blessed and happy Saturday!


  1. Good Morning, Have fun shopping. I am not a big shopper, do a lot of mine online these days.

  2. Hey Glenna ;o) I love shopping anywhere and anytime!!! I can't wait till your store reopens!! I've missed you!! Take Care ;o)