Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today Is My Birthday

Yes it is! I am going to a party for me. I am so looking forward to seeing my grands there. Both sons and Dear DIL! is my day! So lately I have been writing lists for Christmas. Do you do that planning and shopping online for ideas? I have been working on cards for everybody. I am making my own cards this year. Well as many as I can....everything Christmas starts Monday. First are the decorations Yay....hunt them down and then put up. Tomorrow that is number one on the list. I have a carrot cake and cream cheese frosting to bake for myself and my son. That is number two for tomorrow and the list goes on. Have a wonderful day wherevever you are somewhere special!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Glenna! Enjoy that carrot cake. :)

  2. Oh, Happy Birthday, Glenna...many happy returns and many moooooore ;-)

    All the best wishes from
    Doris (and Gizzy)

    Enjoy your birthday and the beginning of the Christmas season!

  3. Happy Birthday Glenna ;o) I hope it was fantastic!!!!!