Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Truly Blessed Thursday

Lessons from Nature:

"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow." St. Matthew 6:28

Fall is turning colder into winter and those lilies are prepared to return next spring and summer that we know will happen. How are you prepared or preparing for that same time period? That is if you are experiecing Fall/Winter 2010.

Today it is 32 in Southern NH 11 AM EST.....coldest yet for us! My heat is on and I am dressed warm. Warm foods and drinks help beat the chill. I drink cocoa at night very soothing and helps to relax me to sleep. Hot coffee in the morning keeps me going. Looking for more blankets is on my agenda. Soon that blanket of snow will fall from above and insulate us. Thanks be to God for all the seasons! Stay warm too!


  1. I'm thank-ful to experience all the seasons! I think each one has so much to offer ;o)

  2. Me too Stacey, afer many years in FL I missed it until now I have had 4 years in NH. Still loving it heremuch more!