Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is Manchester, NH the city I love to hate......

One week until Thanksgiving ~ What I will be serving this year Thanksgiving 2010 roast turkey (I have sucessfully cooked many over the years), real mashed potatos (a family favorite...they all loved my potatos)one year many moons ago I made 20 lbs of my mashed potatos for our usual rather large inlaws outlaws and friends holiday gatherings, then there is the real stuffing I make it from scratch and it always turns out perfect, I am still thinking about a vegetable yet, oh and gravy always have to make homemade gravy with pan drippings, crescent rolls and real butter, my favorite whole cranberry sauce, and this year I want to bake some cookies to serve with dessert ~ pumpkin pie. I will do this for my son and I because I love to cook and bake! If there are others to join us well then I always make a lot extra so there will be enough just in case. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?


  1. Why do you love to hate the city of Manchester? It looks beautiful!

    Your food sounds wonderful. I love making everything from scratch too - when I used to cook for a crowd, everything was made from scratch. The last 5 years it's just me and the dog. Last year I didn't even make anything special, I just spent the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather with my Gizzy dog. This year, I'll buy a whole chicken and bake it in the oven because I love the way it smells. I'm not much of a meat eater and will probably portion most of it up for Gizzy and freeze it for later. I have to have a pumpkin pie...that's my favorite :-)

  2. WOW!!! Everything sounds amazing Glenna! You sound like my mom ;o) All homemade goodness ;o) We have already had our Thanksgiving ;o) Canada has it in October. Hope your's is amazing ;o)

  3. Thanks so much Stacy and Doris your dinner sounds wonderful. I love to bake a big whole chicken especially the smell while it is cooking. I use my leftover meat like chicken and turkey to make stews and soups.