Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a Pinch of This and That

Respecting the Lord and not being proud will bring you wealth, honor and life.   Proverbs 22:4

In all ways I respect Him shame on me and you if we don't. He has given me life and my sons honor me, some people honor my friendship too and wealth is not always about material things what about a wealth of knowledge. He has created all of us equal yet unique.

These yummy cookies caught my eye this morning. Not that I eat cookies for breakfast well ok I have before. Perhaps I will try them. I would be meeting my goals for 2012 and that is to try a new recipe each month. Anyway you go check them out and then let me know if you bake them. Please send me some! Just in case I don't meet this goal.

Wow it is Thursday, already. this week has gone by quickly. I now have an appointment to see a pulmonary specialist on Feb 29th.  Praise Him for getting me there soon. And this too shall pass!

When I was younger my family Mother and my two sisters and my one brother and I but not my Father faithfully practiced the Catholic religion I practice a Christian faith of God. Anyway in the Catholic religion this time of the year is Lent begins with Ash Wednesday which was yesterday and there is Good Friday which is April 6 we give up eating meat during this time period. I instead have vowed to eat as little as possible meat and step up my walking regimine as weather allows it. Lent ends on Easter Sunday is April 8. I usually don't get to see my grandsons for Easter. They have great grandparents to see that day. I am completely understanding about that. They don't get to see their great grandsons very often. We did see them for the recent birthday party for Brady. They are elderly but still getting around. Such a sweet church going couple. My grandsons are blessed with great grandparents. My Father too but he lives in CA.

Very pretty flower arrangement I can hardly wait to see those purple flowers around here soon. They come out in early Spring and are called Grape Hyacinths.

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I have diabetes and I just read this today cut out meat and dairy when all along I have been told to eat fruit and vegies with a small amount of meat and dairy ARGHHHHHH! I might lose weight my blood sugar could improve to the point where I might not need medications well that is HOPE Thanks be to Him!

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