Saturday, February 18, 2012

Say It Like It Is

People will be rewarded for what they say, and they will also be rewarded for what they do. Proverbs 12:14
Promises are one thing but actually keeping them is another. Saying you are going to do something is great but actually doing it is awesome.

I have a busy weekend first Saturday church and then out to lunch and grocery shopping later on today. Tomorrow is all about my precious grandson who just turned four. What an awesome age! They really start to grow up a bit at this age. He is so sweet to me now. Before the last year and half since his brother was born well let's just say it has been rough at times. He is finally getting over the jealousy and anger of having to share Nana with baby brother. I am very excited about his birthday party tomorrow. You will hear all about it in my blog Monday.

I had 12 goals for 2012 set for myself  and so far I have met and/or exceeded trying a few new cooking ideas, foods or recipes so far this month. I also am going to buy myself a shirt today. I hope they are still inexpensive. I saw some I liked online at Walmart and they are available in the store too. One of my goals was to be good to myself and since I need clothes I decided I would buy one piece of clothing for myself each month. Last month it was a plain white T shirt which I already stained but Praise Him I was able to get the stains out right away with cold water. I bought that shirt to wear under a light green sweater my sister sent me. I want to wear them tomorrow to my grandson's birthday party. 

I have gone another week now waiting to hear from a specialist for my wheezing and breathing and coughing. I have been pretty much sick since October 2011. I also have allergic rhinitis. All these lovely things going on with me that I never had before. I think as we age our body changes. Plus I am allergic to things that grow naturally outdoors here so in the Spring, Summer and Fall plus now the Winter my body is inflammed. I take a steroid inhaler for my nose and I take a steroid inhaler for my lungs now too. This all makes me think about all of those poor people who just suffered before there was modern medecine. Praise Him for good doctors and modern medecine!

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I thought I would share this beautiful picture of a single tulip as we await Springtime! I can't hardly wait to get out and do photography which I love.

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