Friday, February 24, 2012

Riches and Honor

Riches and honor come from you. You rule everything. You have the power and strength to make anyone great and strong. Now, our God, we thank you and praise your glorious name. 1 Chronicles 29:12-13

Praise Him for today! A Friday not just any Friday but this Friday today.

My day is filled with lots of time to pray and Praise Him today. I found a couple of nice materials to make some Spring cards and I am going to layout page two of my grandson's album. I want to get outdoors but today it will only be 39 for a high and early this morning it is 31. No more 50's like the last two days. I hope the flowers weren't tricked.

I just made a cute friendship card this morning

Handmade By Glenna Normyle (me)

It is hard to read the inside it says "It's great having a good friend to share things with"
Yesterday when I was going through my indoor garden and watering my plants I noticed my basil is blooming. Also the leaves are very strong and fragrant right now. Here are some pictures of my indoor basil plant.

Basil blooming at Glenna's Garden

Part of Glenna's Garden

Do you grow any herbs indoors? I would like to grow more but I am getting short on shelf space. I have some sedum coming that will need to be planted and then that will take up all of the cart space.
Happy Gardening!!!!!! Indoors or out where ever you are!

Enjoy this crop circle art!

Crock Pot Candy Mr. Bud Candy

Looks like it makes a lot!

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