Thursday, February 2, 2012


My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.   2 Corinthians 12:9


I know if he saw his shadow or not now! No thoughts on this!

Well I am very refreshed today and ready to tackle my grandson's scrapbook album. This is the first one I have ever made so it is going slowly. I was going to run errands today but that all got moved up to tomorrow. My friend just called and she can't give me a ride today. I told her we need to go to Michael's store and she was agreeable. It is close to where we are going for lunch.

Lately the experts have been warning us about just how bad sugar is for us especially regular and even diet soda drinks. Check this out for some more information about sugar.

I took some close ups of my babies. These are spider plants. They are doing great. These will be the mommies eventually and have babies hanging off of them when they get older.

Sorry for the blurriness We have no sun today so I put them under a lamp for close up pictures and they aren't the best. The bottom picture of the second plant has two plants now. I got these from my sister at our Thanksgiving Family Reunion 2011.

Do you like to garden indoors? What do you grow indoors? I worked in my garden yesterday Plucking and pruning. The primroses seem to love it nearby the window. They have stopped flowering and now they are producing a whole bunch of leaves in the center of the plant.

I am going to replant these after I see what they are going to do after leafing. They may flower again. They are very root bound. This has been a fun project and one of my goals for 2012. That is to grow something indoors that I have never before. I started a basil plant a long time ago and it is still going strong. I also started a wandering jew plant by rooting it in water and recently planted it in a pot. I only had one cutting and I am thinking about cutting it again and rooting it again. It looks funny!

Happy gardening indoors and out if it allows you! No gardening outdoors here in southern NH. It is 38 degrees out and feels like 31 today. It is overcast and dull. Looks like winter!

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