Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ER and the Day After

I spent 7 hours in the ER yesterday for a high blood pressure spike 200/95. Most likely due to me running out of another med and going through a double med withdrawal. So I called my doctor today to check in with them this morning like the ER instructed me to do. I had to leave a message for the triage nurse the triage nurse never called me back so by 2PM this afternoon I haven't heard from the triage nurse so I called my doctors office back again. I can't speak with the triage nurse she is with a patient. So the person I spoke with asked if she could help me. I find out that my dr approved the med I had run out of I knew she would I have been on it for years. The nice lady said they are just waiting for the "new girl" to print it up and I can come in and pick it up. I said WHAT???? My RX's are always called into the drugstore is this something new. OH no she said we can call that in for you. Sooooooo then she said well I am going to have the triage nurse call you back just to check on you. Oh she said by the way your doctor was trying to call you yesterday to see how I was doing while I was in the ER all day long with my cell phone turned off of course. What a circus!!!! I am doing better today much better still have high blood pressure but it is at the same as when I just saw my doctor this past Friday not 200/95 or 189 or something all day like it was yesterday in the ER. It was just 143/72 which is right where it finally went down to at the ER yesterday after they finally gave me the med that I had run out of. I feel good today~note to self here whenever I need refills and let the pharmacy know that I need a refill and the pharmacy faxes the dr for a refill I need to call my dr's office way in advance and make sure they get the fax from the pharmacy. My doctors office always tells me they didn't get a fax from the pharmacy when I tell them that the pharmacy faxed them. Not funny this has been a nightmare! All the meanwhile I am feeling the wihdrawal today as I am on a smaller dose of the Paxil today in fact I feel really hot. Burning up hot! A bit nauseated and still having headaches. I need a nap! Wherever you are I hope you are having a wonder filled day!

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