Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mother passed away on November 1, 2006 so Mother's Day is still hard to get through for me. It has been a quiet day here at Glenna's Garden . Over the weekend I added some new items to my shop, adjusted prices and did some shopping for supplies. I am looking forward to making some more things for my shop. This coming week I will start posting items for Father's Day. It has been very windy today so we mainly stayed indoors. I did check things in Glenna's Garden to make sure they were protected from the wind. This beautiful pewter heart was something I got that belonged to my Mother. It is a Metzke and from 1979. That makes it 30 years old. It is definately in very nice condition and there is a beautiful intricate design of a raised flower bouquet on the top. I thought I would share something Mom related for Mother's Day!

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  1. I feel very fortunate to still have both my parents alive, but I miss my Oma, my grandma, who raised me and passed away relatively early (she was 62) and I still miss her and always will. She was my life when I was young.
    Those pewter hearts are lovely!