Friday, May 1, 2009

Yippee It's the Weekend

This is May's picture on the calendar at Glenna's Garden. I like two artists very much. This is Norman Rockwell and the other is Thomas Kinkade. Weekends are for shopping. I shop online and try to purchase most of my supplies from Etsy shops first. I also have some favorite sites like . Of course then there my local Michael's store too. most of my purchasing currently is geared towards vintage. I am 50 years old and I feel like I don't want to miss out on things from my past for example I am seriously thinking about buying a vintage kewpie doll. Then I can design and sew clothes for her. Sounds like a fun project. I went to the big forum this afternoon at Etsy. I learned about logos, stationery, business cards, stamp and websites. Most importantly their importance for a business. I got the name of a website where you can create your own website . I rushed in here to quickly to blog. I am excited I am getting sales now. After dinner I am going to check out about making my own website. I have done it before and it can be challenging. Something I am up for. As I am eating dinner I am searching about how to hand sew. I don't have a sewing machine so I just found this article about making yo-yo's
try you will have to type in a search making fabric yo-yo's. I am hopefully getting my stimulus check soon. I am going to buy a brand new sewing machine for myself, nothing fancy. When my two sons were young many years ago I used to make a lot of clothes for them. Pants, shirts and overalls. It saved me so much money. I used to buy cute boyish corduroy prints and cute boyish buttons. From a simple pattern that I designed I would cut the material and on an old sewing machine I would sew away. We are talking at least 30 years ago that I did this. Now I am a new Nana well he is 15 months old now and my angel. I want to make him things like my Mother did for my sons. My Mother loved the arts and crafts world. She made beautiful quilts. Her needlepoint work is very nice She weaved. She sewed and knitted numerous items. She used to make all of our clothes. Mom's pinking shears were fascinating to me when I was very young. I can still see her sitting at her Singer sewing machine into the night lovingly sewing away. She made the smocking on the front of dresses for my sisters and I when we were young. Well I am off to look into making a website for Glenna's Garden.

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