Monday, May 4, 2009

Mainly Monday

Where did you get that necklace?

Today it was mild out and only 68 not very sunny up here either at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH. I have started to make items for Father's Day for my shop. I made this beautiful duck card from a textured duck print with two tone blue papers and it comes with an envelope. This is nice I can post my items here before I post them for sale in my shop at if you like any of them and want it email me at in the next couple of days. All of my cards sell for $2.50 plus shipping which is minimal. Let me know me know ASAP before I start to post them in my shop so I can make a reservation for you. I use PayPal.

Mondays are nice I am usually ready to start to get busy again. I sent out 5 more orders today and one more so far for tomorrow. I know my customers are happy because I always get good ratings. About a month ago I was out and about downtown Manchester , NH and I found this beautiful triple acorn necklace. I am not sure if it is vinatge, I was told it is, but it is absolutely stunning. There are three darling topaz amber glass beads as acorns each topped with a gold textured cap and they are hanging on a beautiful fairly heavy gold chain. In very good condition too. I have not put this necklace up for sale yet in my shop because I am thinking about wether or not I want to keep it until Fall for myself. It is so nice! If you are reading this and want make me an offer either visit my shop at or get in touch with me at I have decided that I am going to take it easy tonight and work on some more Father's Day cards or make some more PIF's (pay it forward) mine are always free. Sweet Blessings from Glenna at Glenna's Garden ~*~


  1. Nice Duck Card! I have to think about Father's too and maybe introduce a couple of items... I just added some for Mother's day... late maybe? :O)

  2. It is getting very close to Mother's Day now. So I decided it was best to move on to Dads and Grads. Maybe through in some baby and wedding. That is what is nice about my cards is they are all occasion. Kristie I am glad you are following me Welcome to Glenna's Garden