Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sailing Through Sunday

I had a great day yesterday. Spring is at its' finest. Gorgeous flowers everywhere. I was out and about Downtown Manchester, NH making my rounds. Lee's Bookstore, lunch at the Red Arrow Diner (famous place), and Corey's General Store just opened up. It is becoming one of my favorite places to stop. I also like to visit the Helping Hands Thrift Store. I found some nice items to decorate and sell at my shop. I started with the beautiful hand mirror first. I used Japanese looking flowers on puffy stickers to adorn both sides of the handle and the back of the mirror. The mirror frame is a clear hard plastic with a ridged diamond pattern design on the back with silver glitter set in it. The handle itself is clear and see through so I placed these beautiful flowered puffy stickers on the front and back of the handle. The Japanese motif is in the colors of white with a very slight yellow tinge, turquoise, magenta and black. Next I attached a turqoiuse colored ribbon to the handle which already had a hole in it. On the ribbon ends I tied on plastic beads in the same colors to match. It can still be hung on a hook and would look great in any bathroom or bedroom. I took a quick shot of the mirror. In the picture are some of the other items awaitng adornment and they will soon be listed for sale at my shop woo hoo I have reached 15 sales now.

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