Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Tuesdays

Today was a quiet day here at Glenna's Garden www.gnormyle.etsy.com . I did get a new banner and avatar so the look of my shop has changed. Plus I picked an additional set for the future. Some exciting treasures found their way to us. This bird pictured here I found on Etsy was just shipped to me and now has a new home at Glenna's Garden. Best of all it was FREE. It is vintage and handmade/painted from a gourd. Its' poor beak is damaged and in need of repair. Just the job for me. I will repair it and paint to match. Meanwhile it sits perched in front of me inspiring me to do something with gourds this Fall. I usually have some but they seem to disappear. I have none dried out right now. Perhaps they can be purchased somewhere at this time of the year will have to research that. I have been thinking a whole lot lately about learning how to crochet. Today I was given the addresses of two wonderful websites to get started crocheting with the first one is www.crochet.about.com/library/blbegginers.htm you can learn all about how to crochet and the second one is http://www.lionbrandyarn.com/ I joined for FREE and now I have access to many different patterns to crochet. I checked out the kitchen towels pattern and it said it was easy so I may start with that. I still need to learn so much more. I just hope my hands can do it! Also in my web surfing I do sometimes, today, I came accross the website for the Philadelphia Flower Show www.theflowershow.com/attractions/index.html I checked out the very hefty vendor prices of course and then just dreamed of the day. Today pictured is my second ACEO or artist trading card in "The Girl" Series. She is pictured here before she goes up for sale in my shop at www.gnormyle.etsy.com . This is the Hawaiin Girl with her hula skirt, top and headdress all made out of pressed flowers. I am having fun doing these little ACEO's and I hope someone else will enjoy them one day. So many of the bigger projects at Glenna's Garden with pressed flowers take days to do. These are quick fun and easy. Lately it seems that the pressed flowers are lending themselves to clothing so I started this neat little series of girls.


  1. You have been a busy bee, Glenna. I like those little ACEO cards too. That little "flower" girl is adorable. I also paint and draw, but since I'm so preoccupied with crocheting and knitting, I have not taken time to paint again. I do have art supplies that are just waiting for me to start again. I also want to start pressing flowers since we have so many here and a great variety of them. I want my friend to give me a couple big, thick wooden blocks and then all I have to do is buy some blocking paper to put in between...he's a contractor and always has extra wood lying around, so I can make a flower pedal press for next to nothing.
    I checked on You Tube for you today about learning to crochet with your left hand and I e-mailed you the link, but if you don't get it, remember that You Tube has lots of tutorials and sometimes it's easier to watch somebody do it instead of just reading about it.
    I get most of my patterns for free online and if you want more, or want a good place where to find more, just let me know. Some of my items, especially the bees and flower hats, I do freestyle without a pattern, but some things I use a pattern and then adjust it to fit my needs.
    I start teaching at Valdosta Technical College in the summer and fall sememsters for their Adult Education program and my subject is: Introduction to Crochet! Wish you could come.

  2. correction: I meant to say blotting paper, is that what you use for pressing flowers?