Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wishful Wednesdays

Made a custom order for a customer and it just took me two days to complete. There are other initials available in my shop. Plus three of the tins are ready to go check it out. This was the only personalized I for Iris, that I have ever had. My favorite flower is the Iris especially the purple ones as that is my favorite color too. Next comes blues and then greens. I am positive my customer is going to love this beautiful repurposed tin I have made. Go to my shop at to see others I have made already some like the letter V. But this is truly OOAK (one of a kind) and lovely. Certain plants are blooming at Glenna's Garden like this dainty African Violet. She has been with us for several years now she happily blooms every Spring just like clock work. Her flowers unfortunately are too lush and fleshy. They are ruffled. She does not press well. She can not be pressed for use in any projects here at Glenna's Garden so I decided offer you a glimpse of one of many different plants in Glenna's Garden. Have a Wonderful Wednesday I did. I got a surprise visit from my son who brought along my grandson who is now almost 15 months hold. He kissed me for the first time. I love my grandson so dearly. He was a blessing from above as he was born on my Mother's Birthday. My angel baby. I wish for some more wonderful Wednesdays like today.

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