Friday, May 8, 2009

Fresh Friday

Sunny this morning up here in Manchester, NH.....this is a good morning blog. Today I will be adding bits and pieces of fresh new looks and ideas. My very nice friend Heather has a blog. So we will start with her today. She is a crafter. On her blog she shows us some great inexpensive ways to craft. Plus her blog shows all of the beautiful projects she has made. I love the latest a Victorian inspired pincushion she made, very nice. Here is Heather's Haven just click on this link below and don't forget to return back here and leave a comment for me I made two graduation cards yesterday evening. They are made using vintage papers from old cards. They will be available for purchase in Glenna's Garden at . Today is posting , PIF's and picture taking day at Glenna's Garden. Time to refill the shop with new items for Father's Day, there are going to be many cute quilters bookmarks, tags, stickers and books, cards for graduates, more repurposed containers and a few more boxes should be completed very soon. Later on today after picture taking there will be more pictures posted here too. This is the Christmas poinsetta blooming red in May, poor thing, she is very confused. Everybody at Glenna's Garden is getting a kick out of her late bloom. She completely skipped Christmas by the way and didn't bloom for Christmas 2008. Miss Poinsetta is about 4 maybe 5 years old at best. She loves her spot next to the big window facing southeasterly. Plenty of good morning sunshine!


  1. When I lived in California, the Pointsettia plants seemed to do quite well outdoors and grew into huge bushes...just like the Hydrangeas are doing here in the South...I like being able to preserve my potted plants that were gifts and then using them as garden plants - if at all possible.

  2. Same here Doris! That poinsettia was a Christmas gift from the kids three years ago.