Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rise Up

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it. Ezra 10:4
I have a cold now on top of breathing problems oh joy blahhhhhhhh! I am staying in all weekend and until I see my doctor on Wednesday. I had tomatoes with mayo on two plain small toasted bagels for breakfast now I am going to enjoy a cup of tea with honey in it. Kick back and write something for today. Just for today I wish it was Spring and warm out . It is 37 and feels like 27 and the winds are howling through this church where I live. It was so cold over night we had to turn the heat on. It has been off for a few days because it was in the 50's.

I received a triple stalk sedum plant from a friend for my garden. The poor thing was in the cold last night in my mailbox which is in an unheated space here. It is warming up nicely now. I planted it all in one pot and then I will divide it again and transplant those later. I only had one pot to use which is perfect for now. It flowers and is on a woody stock commonly found outdoors. Very easy to grow. There are many varieties of sedum.

Sedum plant arrived 2/24/12 and already potted and in my garden

Windy dark and partly cloudy today

There are some partial blue skies today

Where ever you are I hope you are feeling well and that you have a wonder filled weekend!


  1. Hello, Glenna! Thanks so much for stopping by the Literary Heroine Blog Party! You have such a lovely blog here.

    Hoping you're feeling better soon, and happy spring gardening!

  2. Thanks for the kind compliments Kellie! We have snow today March 1. 2012