Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Friend

"A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17

How many people can you say you have for friends? Internet or in person. I can say a handful of each. Perfectly balanced out to make me happy.

It is raining again today. We need it so I won't complain plus it has cooled the air down nicely. We don't need fans or A/C for now at 8:30 AM EST in Southern NH. I haven't checked the weather report today yet. I am going out to run errands with my son later. Get him on track with job searching, hoping and praying he gets an unemplyment check too and we can at least start an application for food stamps. This is giving me the opportunity to show him the ropes a bit. I was laid off twice in one year. He wasn't exactly laid off but let go. No warning really! I  pray Lord you help my son to keep the faith and his hopes up. Please help him find a suitable job soon.

Praise Him! My sister has renters in both of her homes and her son is finally working again. Now she is having trouble with her new job. Fortunately she is schooled in a much needed part of the medical field. She has been at it a long time. Lord please help her to adjust or find a new company to work for. I am really hoping that I can get out of this area this winter and make my way South. I read an article this morning that said we are in for a rough winter. After last years practically no snow it wouldn't surprise me. I am ready for it. Hoping we (son and I) can pay the utilities I have rent covered for the next two months.

I saw my nurse yesterday I finally had a great blood pressure and pulse reading. I see my doctor the first week of September. I am so looking forward to Fall! Cooler temperatures, crisp air, smell of smoke from fireplaces, outdoor activities and the leaf change. Are you looking forward to Fall?

Watercolor and ink ACEO drawing/painting made by me (Glenna Normyle) Fall 2011

I hope and pray where ever you are that you enjoy a wonder filled Thursday!

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