Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Thank you God it is Friday!

Praise Him for today!

Yesterday was productive as far as cleaning and dusting mostly of the L/R and putting items away in storage. Wires are all neat now. Cable equipment and wires are gone and it looks nicer. Soon it will be Christmas and we have a place for a small tree. I never thought of it arranged this way ever. I don't have a tree but that is ok I love that I now know the spot is there for one.

It is still HOT and humid out. It turns into afternoon thunder and rain down pours. With A/C and fans it has made it tolerable inside here all summer. When I go outside I don't feel so great.

I am looking forward to Fall! The beautiful leaf color change is awesome here in southern NH and so are the crisp nights. Before a hard frost. Of course an Indian summer could extend into our September here. It is still quite warm this way.

I haven't done much today except for thoughts of further organization. I will start anew on Monday with projects I have to split up my art studio which now exists in the D/R area which is 5 feet by 8 feet. Not joking either. Further organization is needed here. There are places where things crafting related that are sometimes used can be moved to in another room. I am so happy that my son and I are doing this. After being somewhere for 6 years it feels good to change things up around here a bit.

What's for Brunch?

I am ready for lunch. Breakfast was light pancakes alone which isn't enough. Well and two cups of coffee too with fake sugar and soymilk. I am wanting substance. Maybe a cheese sandwich and fruit would be good.

Dover Publications free clip art

I could go for some Chesapeake Bay blue crabs right now. I sure do miss eating them. Lobster to me isn't as good as crabs. You have to steam them too. None of this boiling of seafood! Come on!

Where ever you are I hope you have a wonder filled end of the summer weekend!

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