Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blessed Sunday

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12
Today well early this morning today it is a blessed Sunday. I thank my Lord for being alive and to awaken to this new day.

This is a project I am currently working on. It is a Flying Zentangle titled "Come Fly With Me" It is postcard size! Mail art. I may send it to someone special as a surprise when I am swapping postcards. For now I still am not done.

Today looks like another gloomy day. It has been rough for me the past few days. My pain levels have been through the roof muscles hurting all joints hurting. At times I have had to just lie down and sleep through it. Well today is another one of those days except for now I am stiff as a board. It isn't raining yet today. I will be able to get moving I pray so I can get my shopping done today. A week of this has been no fun!  Just for today I want to be able to fly through the day pain free oh I am just dreaming.

Dreams speaking of dreams. I have the same dream over and over again night after night in it I am lost. I have dreams about flying. I almost did actually fly a plane the other night in my dream of course. That is a first. I truly prefer to stand on the ground and watch the birds, bees, butterflies and planes fly by me. What do you dream about?

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