Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scented Saturday

All I want to say is I am so thankful for today even if it is raining again. It is quiet in my studio and I can hear it gently raining outside my window. No birds people cars noise just rain falling! Today my outdoor plans are once again thwarted but that is ok as I have plenty to do indoors. I have one ATC I am working on for a friend. I finally have all the pieces I need to make it so that will get done today and dry overnight and get shipped off tomorrow to surprise her.

This is another Fall Owl ATC I am working on for Fall 2011!

I am shopping tomorrow and not caring for my grandsons. This is when I really miss them. I don't see them a lot so the times I do are precious to me.

What kind of a scent would be nice for today! Perhaps woodsy!

Tomorrow I am doing my usual shopping armed with an organized coupon album. Nothing big but organization is the key! Do you shop like that? My sister and niece are doing a small bit of extreme couponing so I decided to give it a try and then I share my extra coupons with them or my friend. My public library has a box of coupons you can look through. They come from all of the newspapers they carry. Smart savings and recycling! I need to make a trip there soon to make copies of paperwork so I will check out the box. I really hope it is still there. It has been awhile since I have visited the library. I do a lot of reading online. It hurts me to hold a book. It is because I have RSD. You can even check out finished art pieces from the public library to decorate your walls and then return them and check out more. I don't have any room for that but I did meet someone who was doing that.

Here are some very nice Christmas decorations my sister's former patient has made for me. I love it all so very much. Each piece is handmade except for the tree skirt and gingerbread house some of it was sewn on a machine. All of the adorable embellishments are hand sewn on. Early Christmas 2011 for me from my sister!

Have you ever made felt ornaments? There is so much beautiful hand work done in these pieces. This is something I will cherish forever. Looking at this is making me hungry!!!!! Gingerbread scent would be lovely!

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