Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrilling Thursday

It is raining and cool again. This time I am in pain no relief. No outdoor trips for not that I don't want to get wet, but for the crippling arthritis in my hips. I am having a hard time walking the last two days indoors don't need to get out. I am making egg salad today. A late lunch I woke up late today. I have been watching the Red Sox play the Orioles both late night games the last two nights. I love both teams so it was hard to know who to cheer for so I just cheered for all the great moments and plays forboth teams.

I am amazed at what I have been getting for free with on a rare occaision I pay a small shipping fee otherwise shipping is free too. Click on my Listia side bar button on my blog's front page where it says Listia and check it out. I have auctions too. Highest bidder will win things from me as well as I bid and win things from others. To me it is fun and enjoyable. I just won a book Living the Boomer Life for Dummies you know those yellow self help books on all sorts of subjects. Well this one is for the Baby Boomer Age. Great I may be dating myself here I am not quite there but I do want to be prepared. My retirement dreams and plans changed drastically about 14 years ago. For one I am now single and not by my choice! That is ok my life is full of all sorts of new things like grandchildren, family and new friends. I never really ever dreamed that I would be here in southern NH. I love it here ~ well most everything. God does have a plan for all of us no matter what. What are your retirement plans?

Made for me by a friend! She knows how much I love Mary Engelbreit so she made me this chunky page. Home is where you hang your hat! ME items are collectible and something I do as a hobby amongst a few others. I have some of her books, cards, magnets even a small kleenex box which is never to be opened. It should hold its' value if never used. I also make greeting cards using ME products, calendar pages that were given to me, stickers etc that I have collected. Do you have any hobbies?

I am listening to my Gary Allan Smoke Smoke Rings in the Dark CD It is special CD to me and invokes many emotions. Mostly happy! What music do you like? I love an assortment of music from the fifties on up and even a couple of rap songs and a hard heavy rock metal song or two. Mostly I love country. I am a life long fan of Johnny Cash. I met him and June at a country fair out west when I was very young and that was it. I had country in my blood from then on.

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