Friday, September 30, 2011


Meatball Recipe

The best meatball ever they claim check it out but don't forget to come back and read todays or yesterdays or one or two of my many other blogs. Thanks  so much I really appreciate all of my readers. I am going to try to make this blog even more interesting and share so much of what I know. I have many fantastic websites to share with you in my collection as well. You will get connected with further great reading well I think so.

Oh thank goodness it is Friday. Tomorrow is another shopping day. I am shopping again at the grand opening #2 of our new grocery store. I was checking out the flyer and I missed so many bargains last week. Not this week though. I will be armed with my coupons and a list this time. I pray the store is not chaotic and full of too many people. I would love it if they are still giving away products, samples and coupons. More coupons are what I need. I am going to enjoy a great salad for lunch right there at the store in the restaurant area. #1 rule don't shop for groceries on an empty stomach. Always eat before you go grocery shopping that way you don't buy too much food and especially quick junk foods that really are not good for you. What are your plans for this weekend? I hope your weekend is wonder filled!

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