Monday, September 19, 2011


Do you use coupons? I tried to use mine this weekend and most if not all of the products I had coupons for were not on the shelves or you had to buy two of something which I usually won't go for. If you know a trick to couponing please leave me a comment. I also had one heck of a grocery shopping trip Sunday (yesterday). We had the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox playing yesterday afternoon on top of Grand Opening for another store which is really this Wednesday but they put all the sales up starting yesterday in all of their existing stores. The situation came to the point where they had to form one line winding through the store and regulate the customers checking out and vary them on registers. The whole time I was there the Manager was talking over the loudspeaker explaining what was going on and likening it to a hurricane evacuation. I lived in FL and evacuated and stayed sometimes over the 15 plus years I lived there. Go through a real evacuation and hurricane Mr. Manager!!!!!!! I say. Actually I was surprised they did a really good job! No wonder I got a headache! The day before that I was sick with something don't know what and I still hadn't recovered as fully as I thought. I am pretty much pooped out today. Of course we stopped at Mack's Apple Farm I bought peaches, pears, yellow cherry size tomatos and fresh apple cider. It is Fall! Beautiful temps with it sometimes being a bit still too warm during the day but cool nights. I look forward to my triple thrill. I will share a picture of these very mature trees when they turn. One is red one is orange and one is yellow. They are huge mature maples I believe. There is a cute tree the city planted in the sidewalk nearby a couple of years ago. It is half red and half green right now! I will share a picture of that cutey soon too. Do you live somewhere where Fall is starting? It is my favorite season.

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