Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My grandsons Summer 2011

The previous posts are all out of date especially Mother's Day. I finally figured out how to work this blog. They have made many changes and I wasn't aware of it or maybe too sick to figure it out. I am feeling so much better more strength and energy. I walked 2 miles yesterday! Back to the old me and I am so excited it is finally Fall. I have been going to Mack's Apple Farm on my Saturday shopping trips with my friends. They still have the yellow cherry tomatos oh so sweet and juicy plus wonderful peaches are in now some are baseball size and so sweet and juicy too. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and a family reunion at that time with my brother and two sisters and all of our children. Plus my daughter in law and the two grandsons. Wow so many people when I think about it. I am really excited to see everybody and for my grandsons to meet everyone. My sons the two oldest of all of our children are ages 30 and the oldest is almost 34. They have never met my younger brother's family. They have the youngest 3 children ages 7, 9 and 11. My grandsons from my oldest son are now ages 3 plus and 14 months. The baby learned how to walk about a month ago or a little less. I swear he is calling name Nana. He still has his own language. He is trying to copy his older brother. I am so blessed! Thank you Lord for my family watch over them and protect them Amen!

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