Sunday, October 2, 2011

Non Sunny Sunday

Now is is Fall we are in the month of October. It is grey today, another day of rain and cool temperatures. The coolest it has been so far this Fall. I haven't checked yet but I am sure the trees are turning more this weekend. Yesterday was a super day at the grocery store I saved $10.00 in coupons. It was week #2 for a grand opening which is being extended into another week number 3 next weekend. I may not be able to go because my friend's car is acting up and may be in the shop next weekend. Such is life! That is ok I have plenty of food and items stocked up to miss a week of shopping.

This week for me should be a busy with sending out postcards, October blessings if any are asked for, two October birthdays 8 and 9 so far, an anniversary with my friend, the Christian Friends Holiday Train swap has arrived at my place and is ready to make its' way to KY, I another have a swap or two I am doing, one Listia auction winner mailing another is codes my email and then I have to ready a couple of pieces of general mail. After all that is ready I will be walking 2 miles round trip to the PO one day this week. Oh joy that is torture lately with my arthritis all flared up. I can't stop walking I want to maintain that ability. I want to be that strong woman I am! Self affirmation goes a long way. Tell yourself you are strong and you conquer many things!

Fabric Aceo made by G Normyle (me) and sold some time ago!

I love owls love to draw them and collect them in all forms.

Do you like owls?

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