Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~ Burton Hillis


We had snow flurries here this morning in southern NH. Merry Christmas to all! This afternoon I am roasting a turkey and just made my fat free sugar free chocolate Jello pudding pie. Stuck that in the refrigerator to set. I love the heat in the kitchen especially when it is 28 degrees outside. I have stuffing, mashed potatos, green beans, asparagus and gravy to make. The whole cranberry sauce is chilling in the refrigerator. Oh I know I will forget the rolls. I have crescent rolls that need to be baked once the turkey comes out. A feast for us for sure. I had a nice turkey dinner with all the fixings at my friends house last night. The cooked pearl onions were the best ever we had butternut squash, real mashed potatos, gravy, turkey, pickles and olives, stuffing from the turkey yummy. Dessert was two kinds of cookies. I must remember get a family size roll of refrigerated peanut cookie mix, cook them per package directions and add a Hershey kiss (unwrapped of course) to the top of each one after they cool a bit but are still soft.

I am enjoying sipping a caramel hot chocolate as I sit here and write this blog. A gift from a friend that is the hot chocolate mix. I just put on the softest sweat shirt a gift from my sister to help warm me up.

From one of my favorite poets~my gift to you on this Merry Christmas Day!

The heart can think of no devotion greater than being shore to ocean~holding the curve of one position, counting an endless repetition~Robert Frost I live about 20 minutes from here North of Boston, MA

Beautiful textile print in Christmas colors!

Dover Publications free textile background

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