Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Praise Him Today

It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God- that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption. 1 Corinthians 1:30
I Praise Him this morning for the strength I received to help my son and for the healing so far He has helped my son with. Two days ago my son and I spent 5 hours in the hospital ER. My son age 30 is still fighting a stomach virus today this is day 7 and fevers 102.8 last night. He was so dehydrated he needed 3 potassium pills and was given a potassium infusion through his IV line while at the hospital. He was given an IV of fluids plus his salt was low, my poor baby. I have been by his side all the way. I Praise Him for prayers answered. His temperatures are going down. He is resting and he will be going back to work today like he did yesterday. If you read this I ask for prayers for my son. I want him to be well enough for Christmas morning with our family.

It is so nice and warm indoors and 32 degrees outside. We just may get a white Christmas after all! The weather report I read this morning said may be a Nor Easter up this way that is quite some storm and we get them often enough. What I love to do in the snow is take a walk while it is snowing when it first starts and make my own footprints in the snow, make snow angels, make snowballs, watch the snow fall from my studio window and photograph snowy scenes. We have not had snow since Halloween up here in southern New Hampshire. Oh it has been cold 16 some days and then warm 52's for a while then another hard frost then some snow then it warmed up again and then it just started to stay really cold for a couple of weeks now. It is cloudy and grey today. What a wonderful Christmas that would be if it snows. Let it snow!

I got a surprise visit from my son and younger grandson last night. What a delight to see the baby well almost 18 months old on Dec 30 so he is more a toddler. He kept pointing to the ceiling fan way up high in our cathedral ceiling and saying "that" and pointing to a picture of a radio system on the box and saying "that" he sure is a curious little guy now. How precious! My Nana good feelings will last me until Christmas morning for sure now. Then I will see him again and his older brother almost 4 years old. He shares a birthday with my Mother Which is on Feb 16 My Mom never met him If she had it would have been really nice.

I just have some small gifts left to wrap, do my grocery shopping, and mail out late cards (bad me) I have been naughty! I can't hardly wait to prepare a nice Christmas dinner! We are having turkey mashed potatos gravy stuffing whole cranberry sauce asparagus green beans crescent rolls and chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream for dessert. Wishing all my family and friends an early Merry Christmas and I am wishing for each and everyone to enjoy a Happy New Year 2012

Angel clip art from Dover Publications

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