Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis Three Days Before Christmas

It is better to have little and be right than to have much and be wrong. Psalms 37:16
At Christmas Time By Camilla R. Bittle

At Christmas, when I was small, We placed the figures in the stall (Mary, Blessed Babe, and all) Hung mistletoe high in the hall, Made calendars for kitchen walls, And decked our tree with shiny balls.
On Christmas Eve beside the fire, We gathered round the wicker chair To hear our mother's mother read Of sugarplums that danced in air, Of moonlight on new fallen snow, And this we knew-as children know-Was evidence of love below The great high are of heaven's dome, O Christmases secured by home.
The cold-a stabbing, piercing knife, The stars-small, dazzling flicks of light, Our breath rose up in columns white, And, oh, the still of Christmas night!!!
Each year we did the very same, Wrote cards, made lists, our cousins came, On Christmas Eve out caroling, Our cheeks bared to the icy sting Of snowy winds, grew tingling, We sang as loud as we could sing.
I ask myself-what did it mean, The stockings, tinsel, branches green, The smell of oranges and pie, The wreaths, the bells, the winter sky Where once a star shone for The Child, Whose birth we hailed with praises mild, While overhead the Milky Way Was passage for Old Santa's sleigh.
We still hung up the mistletoe, My childrens faces rosy grow, Their boots squeak on the hard packed snow Their eyes with eagerness will glow, And I am the only one who'll know That it was different long ago.
The tree still flaunts its branches, The sky is jet, The stars wink light, There is a hush to Christmas night, The songs are still sung out with might And Santa's toys, a dazzling sight.
The only thing that's changed is me, It's not a fir with lights I see, For only God can make a tree-This is what I see, And children's eyes can only be Small windows on eternity.
And so with gifts, and cousins small, And so with garlands in the hall, And firelight's shadows on the wall-God's handiwork, that's all.
Yet in this season of our joy There are still those who feel a toy Is all that matters-not The Boy, Whose prasies we should all employ, Lest man all brotherhood destroy.
Come, take your stand-decry the whim That turkeys, gifts and greetings slim Define the core-they are the rim And but the glossy surface skim For in our heats we kneel to Him
Today it is already 48 degrees outside at 7:05 AM here in southern New Hampshire. Wow I thought we are supposed get snow the 24th and Christmas Day. Things happen like that. I would actually like it to be warm so we all get healthier hopefully. Tomorrow is my last big shopping day. Just grocery shopping for the regular weekly food needed. My cards are all done. Wrapping gifts is nearly done. This was the first year ever that I shopped for Christmas way ahead of time. I also joined Listia and found many nice gifts for Free! Check out Listia on my blog in the right column there is a place to click on Listia. It is free to join too!

I love to ride trains. Check out this site for some scenic train rides that are available

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