Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Wet Wednesday

Brighter Days by Cynthia Ann Conley

Thank God for the robins song that fills the air in spring. Thank God for the flowers and the beauty they do bring. Thank God for the gentle breeze and the early morning dew. Thank God for all his blessings; Thank God for life brand new. Thank God for sunshine with such warm and golden rays. Thank God after stormy skies He brings us brighter days.

Rainy again today this is a wet Fall so far. I am sick again of course this time I have strep throat which I have never had before and bronchitis. This is the second time in my life I have been diagnosed with bronchitis. I had a chest xray and it looked fine they said. Praise Him I was a smoker. I quit smoking in 2003. It is so hard to do. At the time my Mother was dying from Picks Disease. It was her wish for many years that I would quit. I did it for her me my children family and friends. I am so grateful I was able to stop the addiction to cigarettes. I have grandchildren now! I hope to live a long time to watch them grow up and maybe even enjoy great grandchildren.

My grandsons Fall 2011 school pictures

Praise Him for blessing me with two handsome grandsons! (Even when they are not so happy)

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