Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twice on Thursday

Time to close windows it is that cold today. I have been cold twice today once this morning on my walk downtown and once a few minutes ago until I closed the main window here and locked it too. I can always open it for a nice day if we get one. It is October and the trees are just barely starting to change yet here in the city of Manchester, NH. This area is southern NH. I love this though when you look out from my city where I live you see a mountain called Uncanoonuc Mountain  One Fall I was on my way up there with a friend of mine but we had car trouble and had to turn around. There is a big flower farm up there I have been told. So one day I hope to see it. all about

 Uncanoonuc Mountain  such a different name. Click on the link to learn all about it but don't forget to come back and read my blog or save it so you can find me again!


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