Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What it is Wednesday

I knew I was saving all of those envelopes for something this is great check it out!

Some envelopes I have saved and opened for patterns. Now I will keep them closed. I really want to make one of these books. Very cool!

I have lots of Nana energy now. The baby was sick yesterday so I cared for him. I also saw them this past Sunday. The boys (my grands) are now 16 months and 3 and 8 months old officially. The baby a preemie size when born now weighs 27 pounds. My arms are aching so bad from having to pick him up all day yesterday. It is all worth it!!!!! I am pretty sure he said nana a couple of times yesterday and his dancing is soooooo cute. He loves music sounds pushes a car making car sounds is learning to manipulate buttons knobs pushing pulling walking loves to be chased and runs. I had so much fun with him!We are expecting a rain snow mix tomorrow. It is cold outside. Looks cold out today feels cold. Cold enough I need a sweater indoors. Someone left the living room window open a bit. Heat rises so hopefully the people under us get cold and turn on their heat. I need to clean all of my baseboard heaters before I can turn on my heat. They collect dust and it is a continual job year round to clean the dust off of them. First time I have had gas heat and I am not very fond of it plus no A/C but window air conditioners. I have been here in southern NH for 5 years now and I still want central heat and a/c. I would have to move again. I am not a fan of moving either. Give me 70 year round! Oh that must be nearly impossible except for I hear Tahiti! I like seasons though. Oh lala the trio of maples is gorgeous! This view is worth it though!!!!!

We are just about at peak season Fall 2011 here in southern New Hampshire! It is cold outside I just took this picture. It is grey and cold. It doesn't feel cold enough to snow though!

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