Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not Well Wednesday

I knew it. I just knew I was going to get something soon. I did and I have a cold with fever. It started yesterday. Wonderful and I am supposed to get a flu shot on Friday. That is two days away. There is no way they will give me one. My immunity is already low due to some health conditions. I had some chicken noodle soup last night. I was craving salad so I had two last night. I also was craving oranges and bananas so I had one each. I drank a gallon of fluids yesterday. It was crazy my body was going nuts for fluid.

It is a very quiet morning as the sun is rising I look out my studio window and hear no birds no noise. Nice and calm! This must be tranquility. Looks like a good morning to do some photography!

The following is copied fom the Weather Channel website to show you where new England is today in terms of leaf color changes.

Fall Foliage

Monadnock Region
Near Peak (50-75% change)
As much as half the vegetation has changed color. In the earlier changing trees, the colors are bright. Late-changing trees remain primarily green.
No Change 0-10%
Patchy 10-50%
Near Peak 50-75%
Peak 75-100%
Past Peak
This is how it looks around Manchester, NH in southern NH! We are part way there! There is still alot of green.

I took this picture of a smaller tree planted by the city on the sidewalk accross the street from me.

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