Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Not so Funday

 Jesus is the Reason for the Season!  I just read this on another site but have known it to be a saying. I thought I would just throw it out as an early reminder. I am not rushing Christmas but I am preparing for it. I don't like to last minute shop and make rushed decisions. I am lucky because I can do my shopping online. Now that I found Listia I am getting a lot of free gifts. I like to make my own cards for friends and family but this year I bought some really cute Mary Engelbreit ones instead. You can't beat ME.

I have had a nasty cold, all week. My wheezing is bad and coughing all night too. I feel like I can't breathe right. I was supposed to see my doctor today for a regular visit but she is at the hospital delivering babies. Then it turns out there were no other doctors at the clinic to see me at all. I am waiting for a phone call response from my son as to wether or not he can take me to urgent care when he gets out work tonight.

Soup and grilled cheese sandwich sounds good. I have been giving myself a ton of fluids. What do you do to get rid of a cold? Oh yes and the triage nurse at my doctors office suggested I take a hot shower and inhale steam so I am going to do that after I eat. Oh no I looked I have no soup. Tunafish sandwich maybe. I am really not hungry!

I am sure I won't be doing much this weekend but recovering. No grocery shopping etc besides why would I want to make other people sick possibly. Not so funny when you are a customer in a store and you hear an employee bragging to a manager about how she is at work and she is sick so why couldn't so and so (another employee) come in sick too. I overheard that when I was grocery shopping last weekend! Thank you very much! I should have said something then to them.

I am going to get some more rest. It is raining today sounds so nice out side the window perfect to lull me asleep. I wish I felt better! I hope you are feeling ok today!

This is a fabric ACEO created by G Normyle (me)

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