Friday, October 7, 2011

Finances Friday

Photo I took of a new find of mine a  Hello Kitty change purse.

Do you want to learn some easy ways to save money then check this out!

Photo I took of my new Mead folder I can color in! Looks like my art but it isn't!

This person makes money when they pay their bills we all could.

Do you use coupons to save money on products you would buy?

I have just started using coupons again after many years of not. I have a small photo album full. Then what I do is I only buy what I have a coupon for especially if it is on sale plus the usual meat, dairy, fruit and veggies. I look through the grocery store flyer which is mailed to me and plan my trip. I even have a layout of the my store which they have printed up and made available to their customers. That helps to make things flow easy once you get there. I purchase my paper towels,toilet paper, and cleaning products at Walmart. Although I did notice that this new grocery store I am going to now has some better prices than Walmart on paper and cleaning products. Doesn't Walmart match their competition? So then that is two stores and more gas consumption. The price of gas is still very high here in southern NH $3.50 a gallon I believe give or take a little. I can't afford a car so I don't pay attention to that so much.

A car is not needed when you can walk everywhere in the city or use taxi service or bus. I went downtown again today. It was much nicer today. Warmer but still a chill and no wind yay. I finally found some postcards at a hotel gift shop. I found some beautiful Fall and waterfall ones from NH plus a couple aerials of my city where I live in NH. No more Moose postcards that was all I had.

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