Monday, October 31, 2011


The weather we had over the weekend was no trick nor a treat. We lost many mature trees. Large limbs 2 feet around and larger snapped like twigs. Here is the center tallest part of the tree at the top of the once beautiful trio of maples that I have written about previously and now you can see at the very top of the tree it snapped off. The tree center was weighted down to the ground it has now gone back up. It stands 75 feet tall as a guess. The lilac bush which stands 25 plus feet tall was literally flattened and buried over the top of the six foot tall fence. The forsythia was flattened into the 3 foot fence and buried by the snow. The snow was wet and very heavy. It snowed for hours! Schools will be closed again tomorrow for a second day. There is no trick or treating tonight. It has been moved up to Thursday.

Maple tree (the center yellow one is part of a trio)

Forsythia bush

Lilac bush

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