Saturday, October 8, 2011


I just spent the last couple of hours outdoors in the direct sun. OH Happy Day (Do you like that song? I do) it is warm and sunny and so nice today. One can hardly believe it is October. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. Is this Mother Nature's last hurrah?

Today is my oldest son's birthday! He is 34 today! It honestly seems like yesterday and so much time has gone by  ~  years. I am so happy I had him and his brother when I was young. I am still young barely over 50 myself.

So my plans for this afternoon include some picture taking on a walk. I will come back and share some pictures of Fall 2011 in southern NH I just have to get out and enjoy this weather! We are truly blessed 70's not a cloud in the sky you know what I am talking about! I hope you are enjoying your weather this Saturday October 8, 2011. What are your plans? Are you having unseasonably warm weather today?

I had many cat cards once and this was one of them that I really liked so I took a photograph of it!
Do you like cats?

Artist Unknown

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