Friday, October 28, 2011

Frigid Friday

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Yesterday my younger grandson was still sick poor baby so I cared for him. He has caught a virus! I have had my flu shot and pneumonia shot. Plus I just had strep throat and bronchitis. I did a round of antibiotics so I am praying it is all enough to make me super Nana.

It snowed last night. Where my grands live it was sticking to cars piling up on top of them and also sticking to the grass. Here yesterday gone today. There are frozen puddles of rain in the shady areas here today. I had to go to the PO streetbox this morning I was more like running to get there and back home. It is so cold and windy out today. I feel chilled to the bone and I am trying to decide if I want heat. I had it all day yesterday when I was with my grandson and it felt so good. I am having chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Warm foods! LOL I complain about the heat in the summer and now the cold and I want heat. I do throw off my covers all night long while sleeping I get so hot anyway.

Please feel free to copy this. I am fighting diabetes!

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