Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why we call it "The Present." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I went back downtown to the PO it was closed again today. I had a ride thanks be to God. We went clear across town to another PO. I was able to get a money order for a book I won on Listia about Larry King and his interviews. I miss him not being on TV at night anymore. Did you stay up and watch him? Johnny Carson too?

I don't know how cold it was this morning but at 8:30 AM it was just plain frigid. I was out running around doing errands with my friend. The sun is out today to melt some more snow but that will just freeze overnight. What a mess with all of the trees down everywhere! The roads are pretty much clear and drying out now. No school again today for the kids. I remember I used to love that YAY snow days! As a parent well I was somewhat less than thrilled sometimes but my sons loved it. We always had multiple sets of winter clothing for them. They would get wet come home eat something warm have a warm drink dry out a bit and go back out with a new set of clothes all dry to play some more in the snow. Close to 30 years ago kids had fun playing outdoors in the neighborhood and when I was growing up it was even freer. Free from the dangers that children face today. I don't need to go into detail I am sure you you know what I mean.

Latest news about jobs in North Dakota USA November 1, 2011!

People right now are being highered at a six-figures pay rate in the oil boomtowns of North Dakota. However there are some tradeoffs. Check it out!


I was in North Dakota during the winter about 10 years ago and it is brutally harsh at times. Now what is happening is there is a shortage of housing so there is also a building boom going on. We have enough oil in those fields and wheat covered plains to suffice this country and perhaps then some.

Brrr I am cold and I am going to make myself some hot cocoa to warm up! I found this website with some great hot cocoa recipes and more check it out!


Snow, snow go away!

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