Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am His

He put his mark on us to show that we are his, and he put his Spirit in our hearts to be a guarantee for all he has promised. 2 Corinthians 1:22

God thanks so very much for watching over me!

We got a dusting a couple inches of snow last night which has been pelted by rain today and melted partially. No high winds yet from this Noreaster here in southern NH. I don't like the winds because they shake my apt. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those people who have no power and it is so very cold snowy windy and rainy with this Noreaster yesterday and today here in along the coast. I would imagine we will have freezing temperatures overnight.  

I am going to put together some Thanksgiving cards today but wait until tomorrow so hopefully things clear up a bit outside before I walk down to the PO streetbox to mail them.

Working on ones' self is a life long process. I have been beaten and battered my heart broken life shattered homeless no money no food far away from my family and very sick. I have slowly been putting myself back together again. I am so grateful for the one thing that can never be taken away and that is my faith. My relationship with Him!

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that the voice of God is best heard in silence.
All too often loud events and daily busyness cloud your vision of God. Take some time to slow down; let there be silence, let there be peace. Calm your mind and let your inner voice re-emerge from the silence. Allow yourself to see visions, allow yourself to dream dreams; and you may hear the voice of God reaching out to you.

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