Friday, May 21, 2010


Welcome to Crocheted Bees Beanies and Beyond

Doris Sturm of Honey Bee Crocheting

She donates 10% of every sale (and 20% of every bee shaped item) to Honey Bee Research to help save our bees.

Where are the honey bees going and why is it so important to help save our honeybees? If you are interested in learning more about our vanishing honey bees, you can find more information at

Doris says:

I learned to knit and crochet in school when I was a girl in Germany and even though that was many moons ago, I still consider myself an amateur because there is always something new to learn that I have not tried yet.

I recently became a crochet instructor at Valdosta Technical College and I look forward to sharing my gifts with others. I am also looking into becoming a certified crochet (and knitting) instructor using a correspondence program.

Over the years I have knitted and crocheted all sorts of things and I often design my own patterns. Not only do I draw from my memories of what I have learned in the past, but also challenge myself by trying new stitches and patterns that I find in books or on the Internet. As you can see in my shop, I don't specialize in any one particular item, but like to crochet (and knit) all sorts of things to keep me amused, although recently I am leaning towards making more bees to support my cause.

I like using good quality acrylic or cotton yarn for easy cleaning. Any specialty yarn items will be explained so that the buyer is aware of specific cleaning considerations beforehand.

Please look at some items I have created:

I am offering a SPRING SPECIAL: A FREE gift with every purchase of $5 or more!

(click the link below for details)

I specialize in crocheted bees (all of which are my own design and OOAK), kitchen accessories and - as of late - doll couture and beanie type hats (caps.) However, you will find a variety of other interesting and unique items. If you like something you see that I sold, or would like a custom order, just let me know. Please note, that CUSTOM ORDERS ARE PAYABLE IN ADVANCE, often at a slightly higher price depending on your yarn selection (for detailed explaination, please read my Policies Section at

You can also find me here:


Etsy Hookers Street team

 AWEteam (firstfridayartwalk) Art Walk Etsy team

To learn more about the AWETEAM you can click here:

Doris says: On every FIRST FRIDAY of EACH MONTH, I offer FREE Standard USPS SHIPPING (to the USA and Canada only) for all items listed in my shop that are tagged with the word firstfridayartwalk.

Search the following tag words on ETSY: firstfridayartwalk, aweteam and ffaw for all items from participating shops.


Here's the link on her blog that explains the current giveaway that Doris is having, it's really easy -everyone can enter. Just post a comment and followers get two entries:

Doris says: I'm just asking the people who enter to please answer which of my bees they would be more likely to buy, either as a gift or for themselves because I'm trying to determine which kind to make more of for the upcoming Honey Bee Festival in October.


  1. Thank you, Glenna, you are very kind to devote this post to me and my shop. You are very sweet - better watch out for that bee ;-)

    Thank you for myself and in behalf of our beloved honey bees...Buzzzing off now....

    Doris :-)

  2. Haha Doris! You are so much fun. I do love bees very much so. I wouldn't have that yummy honey I love so much! White Clover honey from WA state was the last really good honey I had. I am pleased to promote you, your shop, your honey bee cause and our ETSY teams. I forgot Shop for Pop sections are now in many AWEteam members shops just in time for Father's Day visit the different shops and see what we have to offer!