Friday, May 14, 2010



Kelly Owner of KJPatino says:

I learned to crochet at the age of seven from my wonderful Grandmother. She was a mother of twelve, grandmother of 45 and at the time of her death, great grandmother of over 50 children. Each time I crochet, I think of her, hence, a lot of love goes into everything I make. Most of my work is made as gifts for my wonderful, extended family, The Cornwells.

I started my shop about two years ago and am surprised at it's success. I love getting feedback, which to me is more important to making money. I get more excited about receiving feedback than I do when I make a sale, and that is very exciting!

I tend to sell a lot of children's items, and I enjoy making those the most. Currently, my favorite item to make is baby blankets, although that tends to change with each new pattern I learn. Last year I believe I was really into children's hats.

It is fun thinking of myself as a business woman doing what she truly loves. When I make the items for my shop, I truly love the creative process, such as what pattern to use and what yarn goes best for each application. Loving what I do, doing it with integrity and treating my customers as I would treat the family I love so much is what I believe contributes to my shops success.

My favorite yarn to crochet with is hand-spun yarns. I love knowing that someone took the time to consider the color, quality and fiber that goes into spinning yarn. especially the alpaca yarns! Alpaca's are really cool creatures!

For beautiful hand crocheted items such as the newborn baby converse booties pictured above please visit

I can also be found on Facebook: Kelly Jean Cornwell Patino


  1. Those baby boots are soooo cute!

  2. What a nice interview and I agree with treating my customers like family. That's what sets us apart from the big chain stores where nobody knows your name.

    Nice work. I especially love that handspun afghan!

  3. Thank you Doris! Yes I agree it is important to treat your customers like family. I especially love the booties too, Thea.