Monday, May 17, 2010


This double layout of lovely ladies on a vintage greeting card is for sale at Glenna's Garden

I was out and about this morning. In my local drugstore I found a close out sale of 3 packs of baby onesies four to a pack for $1.50 a pack. Good quality onesies too. How sweet of a deal. I have all of these cute appliques I can iron on to them and make the white ones look really great. One pack is definately all boy in blues stripes etc......I have a grandson due in July and an adopted granddaughter due in June! I can't find flower seed packets anywhere even Walmart was out! I like to give my customers seed packets. I looked for postcards too and they don't even sell them at the drugstore. I am in a two swaps and this week I have to go to the $ store and a thrift store to find things for my two swap partners.  I love to plant flowering bushes. This one is new to me in color. I have a bunch of the regular butterfly bush. White flowers are amazing to see at night!

This vintage greeting card is for sale at

I planted a seed card today that I got from a seller on ETSY. I had to rip it in two and plant in two seperate pots. I also have some beautiful irises in full bloom. Today I am going back out on my usual walk and take pictures. The rhodadendrons are coming into full bloom and the main garden is looking so nice. I am going to make some of my own seed paper as soon as I find some flower seeds. I have plenty of paper. The directions are easy. I even have a blender that rarely if ever gets used. I am always saving paper down to the last bits. I found the directions here on how to make seed paper

We are now watching these for flowers from the plantable seed paper.


  1. Oh, I like that calico cats card with the guinea pig and I can't find it in your shop...

  2. It is in my shop now thanks for letting me know I put it in the section Shop for Pop for Father's sure is hard to come up with things for Dad but I am working on it.