Friday, May 28, 2010

FRIDAY FEATURE: In the Rose Garden Nice Little Things to Make You Smile


In this garden there's a patch with no trimmed edges or fences, the earth is left still and alone allowing the forces of nature to roam. You don't always have to be tidy and neat, just watch the beauty of opportunity grow at your feet. Just watch while life produces its' own glory.

By Vicky Li The gardener

Up until now I bet you probably thought that I was going to write about more flowers or trees or something along those lines again. Well I am and I am not. I would like to let you know that Vicky Li from Minnesota is not only a gardener but she is also the owner of intherosegarden. Intherosegarden is an upscale children's boutique online at

Vicky Li says: "The name of my shop has a very sweet story behind it: My name means "perfume of the rose" in Chinese, my husband's last name means "rose" in Portuguese, we named our daughter (born Sept, 28 2008) Mia Rosa - "my rose" in Italian and Meilu "Rose Dew" is her Chinese name. So the name of my shop  reflects the most important people in my life."

I asked Vicky which one of her items she likes to sew the best and her answer was the dresses she makes. Well I know something else that she makes and that is Crinkle Fun toys. These are great sensory toys for babies. Both of my next grandchildren due in June and July are getting one of these sensory toys.

Vicky says: Glenna, I'm offering a special for your readers! I am offering a 10% discount (shipping not included) for every one of your readers that purchases one of my dresses. I am also offering a pair of matching hair clips as a free gift for every one of your readers who purchases a Crinkle Fun toy. All your readers have to do is to mention that they are a reader of Glenna's Garden Blog at checkout and they will be sent the free gift. I will refund your readers the 10% discount not including shipping once their payment for purchasing one of my dresses has cleared. Vicky is very generous I must say!

Vicky Li's Crinkle Fun Toy

Vicky creates and sews beautiful dresses. It makes her smile to see a child wearing one of her creations.
I have one of her beautiful infant dresses and a matching burpcloth for somebody special.
My precious rosebud due next month. I am already a Nana and I welcome more grandchildren. 
I really love how Vicky uses bright bold colorful prints.
 I can say she is an expert seamstress too!
 Please visit for many more beautiful items that Vicky has to offer!



  1. What a lovely shop and artisian...and what an adorable little girl she has. I like the poem in the beginning about leaving the garden alone to grow.

    I admire people that sew. She's very talented. Thanks for intruducing "intherosegarden" to us.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!
    Doris :-)

  2. You are quite welcome Doris! Same here I admire the Mother was very talented in that aspect. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you as well! Stay cool down there!

  3. My dear friend Glenna - thank you so much for your lovely posting on my shop. Please keep me posted on the arrival of your sweet grandchildren :o)))

    many hugs!