Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am going shopping today and it is so nice up here now. Just perfect weather, already sunny 57 at 7 AM I will be back to post a blog later on today. I am off to the stores! Bargain hunting....I love to do that! I like to go to yard sales as well. I am always finding something neat that I just can't live without. Another man's trash is someone's treasure as it is said. Today I was on a quest for studio supplies I found a brand new nice black ink pad for $1.00 wish I had bought the colors they had too. I was looking for notecard sets and I didn't like what I found. I will have to go shopping this week again and look in some other stores. I am going to check out Etsy for some bargains tonight. Then get a good nights sleep....I am tired.


  1. Me Too - although it has been a long time since I hit the garage sales, I am trying to keep down my clutter.

  2. You can find some really nice stuff "bargain hunting" because as you said: "another man's junk is another man's treasure!"

    I'm crocheting outside on the front porch this morning and pretty soon, I'll break out my big ole market umbrella and continue to crochet some more ;-)

    Enjoy your weekend, Glenna - hope you find someting good!

  3. I found some things I needed especially a big black ink pad brand new for $1.00. I got more colored pencils and a pencil sharpener I have one but where are they when you need them I can't find it. I was with other people today we saw two yard sales but nowhere to park safely so we continued on. I don't need more stuff unless it is artsy crafty things I need to list what I do have and sell it. Lately I have been collecting Mary Engelbreit. I just found 2 books on ETSY! I love to bargain hunt on ETSY and then I joined and it is so much fun. I got a package in the mail of all blue things today. Papers, ribbon, buttons and so much more all blue theme. Really cool! You know what Doris I can just see you on your front porch. Very cool that you have a porch to sit on and crochet. Do you like iced tea? I used to make sun tea in FL! I had a porch too. I miss that here I don't have one.