Sunday, May 23, 2010


I had a great time shopping today. It was for supplies of course. I finally found postcards. I bought a beautiful set of notecards too, frog stickers, a package full of nice pink things for the PINK swap for my partner, oh and then I get a new swap tonight a private one and that person loves pink too. I have found some things for her she likes cupcakes, ribbons and shiny sparkly things. Glenna's Garden studio is full of things like that. The best thing I found was an 8 1/2" by 11" 140 lb. coldwater tablet of water color paper YAY!  I can watercolor again. I forsee a busy week coming up! It is going to be hot too 80's and muggy AC is on again. All my running around tomorrow is going to be done early. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend~stay cool! I like botanical prints the one I have shown you here is from Dover Publishing.


  1. Watercolor paper now that is my kind of shopping.

  2. Notecards are always in demand over here because I still write letters and cards to my mom and dad in Germany - and my daughter in California. I think it's nice to receive a handwritten note instead of always e-mails.

    Stay cool as well and have a lovely day, Glenna!

  3. Marlene I love to watercolor. I am pretty much just learning as I go. Doris I love notecards and I am gaining quite a collection of them. I like to write and send snail mail.