Monday, May 10, 2010

Messed UP Monday

This is a picture of a set of four Chinese envelopes and I am down to one now!

Today it is very windy. It started out 44 and it is now 55 this afternoon cold blustery but sunny! I had plans to run errands downtown. I walk there but not today. When you are on the main street downtown because of all of the tall buildings it makes it even windier and colder. Definately not fun to walk in. So I am getting a chance to catch up on all my email my box is finally empty. YAY! I found the nicest shop today online and it is not an ETSY shop. I was looking for those red Chinese envelopes that are really pretty on the front. Nice flowery designs! My envie swap partner sent me one and so I asked her right away of course if she had more. She showed me the link to this store thanks Soury!

1 comment:

  1. The envelopes are pretty, thanks for the link I will check it out.