Tuesday, May 11, 2010


37 degrees at 5: 30 AM this morning is nothing to tweet about. My chenille butterfly embellishments are featured in a treasury on ETSY today. Here is a link to the treasury http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4be89e8cb3dd6d91a5db6c3f/may-is-national?sort=hotness&order=desc my lovely butterflies are covered up with an avatar that will not leave there is a glitch it says Pay It Forward! Hmmmm we will have to speak with ETSY this morning. Speaking of Paying It Forward. I love to offer PIFS in my shop at Glenna's Garden http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ From the Garden! Enjoy the treasury now because they disappear after awhile! I have an older version of this book so that I can relearn how to crochet when I find some time.

This Feature Friday I will be writing an article about a successful business woman that I met on ETSY. That would be Kelly Jean of http://www.kjpatino.etsy.com/ I have a few really nice pictures of items she has created to share with you on Feature Friday. Here is a picture of just one the lovely items Kelly Jean has created and it is for sale in her shop at ETSY.

Cool Booties!

Let me know if you want to be interviewed for Feature Friday May 21, 2010 is still open.


  1. Good morning Glenna, no the weather is nothing to get excited about for sure, but it will get better soon! Congrats on the treasury!!

  2. Congrats on the treasury! They butterflies are pretty cute.

  3. Thank you Eileen and Thea for your kind words!

  4. Hi, Glenna - cute butterflies - so adorably cheerful :-)

    Those booties are very extravagant!

    Hope you'll have a great week :-)

  5. They are very nice booties. I will be doing a Feature on her and her ETSY shop this Friday right here in this blog.