Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ecofifelt, vintage buttons and rick rick plus a black medium size sead beed for the eyes. Each one unique!

Basil from Glenna's Garden

It sure is bright sunshiny this morning. What another beautiful day up here in NH. The basil I blogged about is doing great. I have sales coming I bet June will be even better. Father's Day. I have a bunch of different odds and ends for Father's Day the AWEteam is going to be doing a promotion Shop for Pop in our shops so check our sections for June 4, 2010 FIRSTFRIDAYARTWALK I have some vintage items for Dad and the rest well that will be a surprise. For more news on these events stay tuned to this blog and you can always check my shop announcements at the shop for Glenna's Garden. So you want to join well to learn more here is how AWEteam (first Fridays) Art Walk Etsy team


  1. The birds are great, very folksy. Your Basil is looking good, I just got mine planted in a planter on my deck yesterday.

  2. Yes it sure does everything grows well here! I am having fun making these birds, I need to get some rickrack. I don't have any more.

  3. Oh, we both have bluebirds on our minds this morning, Glenna - I just posted mine ;-)

    I'll go now to find that e-mail from you.

    Have a lovely day...that basil's doing well. I LOVE fresh basil!